mardi 20 mai 2014

Our House

I started this article just after arriving in March, but was having trouble putting the photos up. Well here it is finally!

House... hum... maybe I should say castle, palace, villa instead! I'll let you decide! It is officially 330 m! Hard to believe? See for yourself...

The front door and hall.

The living room.
To help put things in perspective, the couches are 1m93 in length. And the frame with the flamingos is 1m75 wide!

The dining room where, when we are sitting on those chairs, our heads are just above the tops of the chairs. They are huge!

The kitchen. Way too big, even for me !

The office.

I don't have photos of the huge hall that leads from the front hall to the kitchen or from the hall to the maid's room (NO there is not and will not be a maid!) and to the laundry room.

Here is the staircase looking up from the first flight of 12 steps and down from the second flight of 12 steps. Again, to give you an idea of perspective, each window frame is 43 x 43 cm!

And here is the princess's lair! First you pass the dressing room with the bathroom to the left. (I'm obviously not going to show you this intimate detail!)  Then her majestic bed !! Well, no, I don't think there is a pea under the mattress... but who knows !

And here is the upstairs living room, or should I say, MY FUTURE STUDIO !!!
with a large terrasse that is actually not that practical to use right now, because of the heat and the dust.

And last but not least, the Master Bedroom,
...dressing and full bathroom (that you will not see either !)

That's it!  And it's more than enough! 

In another post, I'll show you the yard/garden!

6 commentaires:

  1. Mais vous êtes des princes et des princesses! Votre petite maison dans la prairie de Cintegabelle va vous sembler minuscule :)
    Bisous à vous trois!

  2. Réponses
    1. That would be great, but first we made a date in France for the summer of '15, remember !!

  3. Non, pas minuscule, mais cosy !! Elle me manque beaucoup d'ailleurs. Bisous à toi aussi Gali (d'ailleurs c'est qui Gali ?!!?)

  4. Et voilà, tu es partie depuis quelques semaines et tu as déjà oublié ta voisine Magali :) Gali, c'est Magali :p

    1. J'ai pensé que c'était toi, mais je ne connaissais que ton nom sur hotmail, pas ton pseudo sur google !
      Ne t'inquiètes pas, tu es inoubliable !! Bisous à tous les deux.